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Monday, 20 August 2012


Proposal for IRS Project on Investigation of the Mass of Jupiter

Name of groups members involved: Zhongzhi, Kiran, Keen and myself
Mentor for this project: Mr Tan, our IRS teacher
Program: SST, IRS
Category: Space Science
Purpose of project: Look at the title

Is it possible for us the find out the mass of Jupiter using the rotation of the moon?

What this project is about:
Well, we have finally gotten to the interesting part of this crap. Thank god you survived all the crap before this. Well, it is avisible to skip to this part immediately because you do not need to even bother to look at the information before this. It was there due to the template we have to abide by. Now, if you happen to be a Saudi Arabia prince and own a decent telescope (which causes over a thousand bucks [or more if you want a good telescope]), you may have gazed upon Jupiter one day and wondered: "How heavy is that ball of gas anyways?" Well, we are going to provide you with the answer. Actually, it is pretty simple. First, you could google it and, volia, the answer appears. Or you could sit at infront of the telescope for hours and take photos of it as the moon rotates around Jupiter. It is pretty obvious now sitting infront of a telescope in a miserable night is the better answer, right? (if you are not a geek, you better get out before I whack you with my 1000-pages Science Encyclopedia). But, we have to consider about the feelings of those sane people who would rather sleep than go and take pictures of Jupiter. SO, you have us. The insane guys who are willing to be sleep-deprived for YOU. So, YOU better be jolly well glad that you have us to help you. 

Monday, 13 August 2012

Plan for project (Updated as the project goes along)

Have you ever wondered how to measure the mass of Jupiter? Do you want to find out a method? Well, look no further cause our group is going to present to you a project about it! (not now, but sometime in the future) This experiment (or project) is organised by Zhongzhi, Sam, Kiran and of course, me. 

Plan for the project:

First, we are going to make use of a telescope (not any ordinary one, but the gigantic, super massive kind of telescope) at the Science Center in Singapore (it is, rather simply, called Science Center Observatory [SCOB]) This is just the first phrase and we plan to chug along very soon (wait for the next update folks)